32″ inch capacitive android/windows Touch TABLE

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Screen Size: 32 Inches

Warranty: 1 years Parts/Hardware

LED screen panel specs Highest resolution 1920*1080P
view angles 178° horizon,  178 °vertical
Color 16.7 M
Contrast 1000:1
Brightness 450 cd/m2
Display Scale 16 : 9
Response Time 3ms/ 5 ms /8 ms
OS Specification CPU i3 ,i5
Chipset H81
memory 4 GB,8GB
operating system ANDROID,WINDOWS
speaker 5 W stereo  HD8-channel ( 7.1 ) audio system
Graphics Integrated
Wifi High quality wifi module ( 802.11 B/G/N )
Power Input Voltage AC 110V~240V,50/60HZ
Casing color standard color: Black and  silver, White , other colors customized
Storage temparature (-20℃ — 60 ℃)
Operation temparature (0℃– 40 ℃)
Operation humidity (10 — 90﹪ )

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20 points IR Touch

Product overview

Touch table, is one kind of innovative high-tech product.Interactive touch table use infrared multi-touch technology, make your operation come alive at once, lead into a multimedia entertaining centre and information platform.

Not only have general function of table, but also being human-computer interaction multimedia platform, Just simple clicking that can give you absolute different information experience and fashionable feeling.

At the same time, it support multi-player interaction without influence, greatly improve efficiency of media resources. User can freely interact with digital content on the desktop, totally free from “keyboard and mouse” of traditional human-computer interaction, blurring the line between the physical and virtual worlds, just use your finger gently touch the display area, it can realise whether it is multi-or single-touch operation, enjoying unprecedented fun.

Product features

  • Human-computer interaction, equipped with 32 inch high performance capacitive touch screen, user can proceed any operation on the screen.
  • 32-inch full-color LCD screen, remote control of real-time data publication, unified network management
  • With advantages of WIFI/3G/4G wireless networking, remote control, timing publishing, unified security management and intelligent show etc.;
  • Industrial computer board, stable operation, high integration level
  • Support various type of Apps, such as information checking, shopping, payment, coupon printing etc..
  • High quality infrared touch panel, high light transmission rate, strong explosion-proof, scratch resistant, dust-proof and waterproof;
  • High touch sensitivity, high speed, no drift
  • Professional-grade chip and process technology, ensuring high definition.
  • Industrial-grade high-performance LED screen, ensuring high definition images, high brightness and stability;
  • Shell body is made of high strength steel , ultra thin design, beautiful and strong, with an excellent level of protection and electromagnetic shielding property;
  • Surface fine line painting, smooth, simple and elegant, rust-proof, abrasion resistance;

Additional information

Windows Version Cost


Bulk Order Cost(10-20)



Black,Silver,White,Custom Colour

Air Shipping Cost

Cost: 450AUD
Delivery Time: 10Days

Sea Shipping Cost

Cost: 250AUD
Delivery time: 6 Weeks


1 Year
Within the warranty, if it is the problem of products quality, non-artificial damage, we will ship new parts to customers for replacement of the broken parts,
or customers ship the products back to our factory for repairing, customer should burden the shipping fee.

Payments Conditions

60% Advance on Order
40% Before Delivery on Shipping Adress

Warranty Conditions

In order to claim the warranty,Cargo damage documentary evidence is very important, when you received the product finding the package got damaged, you should make photo and let the AHB Staff give you the evidence document .
We are not responsible for the damage good if no legal proof is provided.
Company will be responsible to replace the parts or whole unit according to documented proof provided.


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